School cooperation

In 2020, UK was hit hard by the pandemic, students at Newcastle Chinese School are unable to attend Chinese class in person, and they found us and seek for help. We have quickly gathered our available resources and developed a Chinese online course for them. On September 27th 2020, the online  course officially began! The 366 Education Group has partnered with Newcastle Chinese School, offering Chinese online lessons to  students  in UK.

Mr Shanxiong Wu
Mr Guantian Yep
Mr Shanxiong Wu
Newcastle Chinese school Chairman of the board
UK/president of the Chinese language education promotion association in the UK

Mr. Wu expressed his sincere congratulations on the successful cooperation between 366 Education Group and Chinese School in Newcastle, UK. He said that this is the most meaningful thing to do for the overseas Chinese students. He would like to thank the Chinese and British  teachers for their efforts and the parents for their support. He would also like to thank the UK Northern Chinese Entrepreneurs Association for their great assistance in this cooperation.

Mr Guantian Yep
Principal of Newcastle Chinese School

Principal of Newcastle Chinese School, UK. Due to the COVID-19, schools could not open in time, but students still wanted to learn Chinese. In order to meet the students' enthusiasm for learning Chinese, this Chinese online education was launched. I hope that through this cooperation with 366 Education, we can bring the best and purest Chinese education to the students. I wish you success.

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